Measure and monitor air quality


Visualising Indoor Air Quality with Sentera Controls

Visualising IAQ with Sentera Controls

Our sensors offer a simple solution to monitor air quality and generate visual or auditory alerts in case extra ventilation is required. The LEDs provide a clear visual indication of the indoor air quality when measuring temperature, relative humidity, CO2, TVOC, CO or NO2. The green LED is active as long as the measurement stays within the predetermined range. When the measurement exceeds that range, a visual alert is given via the yellow LED. In case the measurement reaches the pre-set alarm level, the red LED is activated. In case the sensor also has a buzzer, the red LED and buzzer are activated simultaneously. The sensors are available with 24 V or 230 V power supply. This simplifies the installation in existing buildings. The measured values are transmitted via the analogue output(s) and via Modbus RTU. All settings can be adjusted via Modbus RTU.

Sentera also offers intelligent sensors. Their smart algorithm controls one single output based on the measured values. This 0-10V output can directly control an EC fan, an AC fan speed controller or a damper actuator. A typical application is a class room with CO2 sensor. The CO2 sensor directly controls a supply and / or extraction fan. In case the green LED is active, the indoor air quality is good and the ventilation system is active at the minimum level. When the classroom is occupied, CO2 levels increase. Soon the yellow LED will light up and the ventilation rate will increase. The red LED lights up in case the CO2 concentration reaches the alarm level. The ventilation rate will be maximum. The alarm level can be reached in case too many people occupy the classroom or in case of clogged filters.

HVAC sensors with alert function

Monitoring and logging IAQ with Sentera Controls

Monitoring and logging IAQ with Sentera Controls

After having installed the Sentera HVAC sensors in the rooms that you want to monitor, you can connect them via the Sentera PoM concept. PoM or Power over Modbus simplifies wiring, minimises installation costs and makes installations in existing buildings possible. It means that Modbus RTU communication and power supply are transferred via one cable with RJ45 connector.

A Sentera internet gateway helps to simplify the setup of your installation. All devices will automatically receive their own unique Modbus RTU address. Personalise your installation by adding the location of each device. That will make it easier afterwards to distinguish the kitchen sensor from the bedroom sensor.

Once your installation is set up, you can choose between local visualisation or remote monitoring. For local visualisation only, the internet gateway can be removed. In case you keep the internet gateway installed, all measured values and alerts are remotely available via SenteraWeb. Hard to choose? Why don’t you combine both: local and remote monitoring of your indoor climate!



In case you keep the internet gateway installed, you have access to SenteraWeb, our online HVAC-portal. It enables you to monitor and adjust parameters via your computer or mobile device. Also data logging during a longer period is possible. The logged data can be displayed in graphs allowing trends to be discovered. For each installation, you can define different users and configurators. The users can monitor data while the configurators can adjust settings.

Each sensor in the installation can be given a specific name and location. You can select the most relevant parameters and visualise these on your personal dashboard. Each installation can have a different dashboard. Monitor your indoor air quality whenever you want, wherever you want.

Data logging indoor air quality

Local monitoring via HMI interface

Visualisation indoor air quality via HMI display

Local monitoring via HMI interface

No internet connection available? In that case you can add an HMI with 5" colour display to your installation and monitor your indoor air quality locally.

The location of each sensor can be modified for ease of use. The 4 most relevant parameters for each sensor will be visualised on the home screen. In case one of the parameters is out of range, the pictogram will be highlighted. As is the case with all of our solutions, we put the focus on the simplicity of installation and use.